Frequently Asked Questions

What is SYP?
Did you know that for every fruit and veggie we eat another is wasted? We decided to do something about it! So we created SYP (SHAKE YOUR PLANTS), a food impact startup that turns lost fruits, veggies and superfoods into functional instant food & drinks. The SYP Lifestyle is healthy, convenient and yummy!

How to SYP?
Shake it. SYP it. Share it. As simple as that.
"Add SYP sachet in your mug or bottle. For the hot drinks, add hot water (equivalent to 1 cup). For SYP shakes & flavored water add 250ml of room temperature or cold water, shake it and SYP it.

How is SYP ‘good for me on the inside?’
A healthy instant drink? Yes, it’s here! SYP is the new gen instant drink with a nutritious twist to it.

Is SYP Plant Based?
Yes, we are 100% plant based!
Do the products contain caffeine?
SYP collagen coffee, collagen matcha, activate water and Love potion water contain caffeine.

What is the shelf life?
The shelf life of our powder is 2 years.

Where do you source your products from?
It is our mission to reduce food waste and we source lost fruits, veggies and superfoods which are ugly or not matching the market standard in terms of aesthetic even though they are still super nutritious and delicious.These ingredients are sourced from the highest quality locations around the world. Have an idea for a local option? Share it so that we too can SYP it!
You can find more about each ingredient on the product description.
How is SYP, ‘better for the planet on the outside’?
If food waste was a country, it would be the world’s third largest emitter of CO2! Our mission, to reduce food wastage helps save the world whilst also being of service to our conscious consumers. SYP solves food wastage by sourcing it directly from farmers, preventing wastage from farms and using freeze dry technology so that  you, our environment conscious consumers can SYP guilt free as these products also minimize potential wastage at home.
With sustainability being one of our core values SYP is proud to be a carbon + plastic neutral company with the use of recyclable and compostable packaging whilst contributing to a better planet by offsetting our emissions through the #plantitforward movement.
What is freeze drying?
Freeze-drying is the technology that enables natural preservation of fruits and veggies by moisture removal whilst retaining its nutritional value as it is! Quite, magical. Whilst this technique directly benefits our planet through preventing potential food wastage and our customers through convenient nutrition, it allows us to ship these same fruits and veggies without the weight of water.