Our Story

Why SYP? 

How did we get to the stage
where plants and remedies used for thousands of years
– the best of what nature has to offer –
became expensive, pretentious and inaccessible?

It’s not the food’s fault
The goodness is there
It just needs sourcing
and packaging
in a way that everyone can access

By a company that won’t drink its own koolaid
won’t believe its own hype
and won’t charge a premium
just because our products are a sprinkle
of natural magic

Less carbon, less plastic
and none of the exclusive, showy nonsense
This is natural superpowers
in the form of a drink.
Just add water.

About Justine & Lia

Both of our founders are conscious consumers and passionate about plant-based nutrition and sustainability. Their passions and vision for the future motivated them to create an impact direct-to-consumer start-up.

Living a conscious life is part of the DNA of SYP and all of us are committed to making efforts towards a better future, not only through our business but also on a personal level. 

We are committed to being an engaged business and a B Corp (pending), while sharing our progress, pitfalls, and achievements with you! It is a work in progress so make sure to follow us on Instagram and TikTok for more updates and behind-the-scenes footage of SYP’s operations.