Sustainables Unite! SYP and Oppizi’s Dynamic Partnership

Sustainables Unite! SYP and Oppizi’s Dynamic Partnership

When launching SYP, the founders were keen to ensure that all efforts, from ideation to production were in line with SYP’s commitment to sustainability. Now, SYP is taking that mentality one step further by partnering with Oppizi - a marketing company with a knack for sustainable commitment. 

Oppizi offers a unique service in the offline marketing industry, making it possible for brands to track and scale their marketing campaigns. What first started as a small-scale idea in Sydney has now rapidly spread globally to operations in Belgium, France, Canada, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, the US, and New Zealand with notable clients such as Uber Eats and Gorillas. Aside from their impressive ability to accelerate growth and impressive client portfolio, what really makes Oppizi so special to us is their initiative to give back.

In recent years, Oppizi has prioritized giving back through a wide range of carbon offsetting advances. For example, they have supported an extensive array of projects, ranging from a recent wind farm project in Turkey to Solar Power implementations in Maharashtra, India, and forest plantation on degraded grasslands in Uruguay. In fact, in the two and a half years that they have been engaged with carbon reduction they have been able to plant 9,142 trees in their forest, resulting in 611.38 tonnes of carbon reduction. To better understand this, these statistics equate to approximately 1,834m2 of sea ice saved, 469 long-haul flights, or 2,440,709km driven in a car. To achieve this impact, Oppizi partnered with Ecologi, which has allowed them to identify and support many sustainable projects globally. 

One of the extremely notable projects closer to home has been their partnership with the Woodland Trust in the U.K. The Woodland Trust is the largest woodland conservation charity in the U.K, which has been in operation for over 50 years and owns and manages over 1,000 individual woodlands across the country.

Furthermore, Oppizi also prints their flyers on FSC approved paper! This means that the wood fiber is sustainably sourced and from forests that are tightly managed. Companies such as Oddbox remarked on the fact that not only is the paper sourced from recycled paper, but that the printings are carbon balanced through numerous partnerships, with dedicated initiatives such as the Land Trust Organisation.

Across this journey, Oppizi has successfully maintained one of their core values that we strive towards here at SYP: transparency. Oppizi clients have full access to company reports, and they are able to track the number of flyers that are shared, check-in times, and the budgets for each mission. Full transparency is an incredibly important part of sustainability, especially when it comes to campaign monitoring, sustainability, and ensuring a trusting client-base.

We’re proud to partner with amazing businesses like Oppizi and can’t wait to see where their journey takes them next!

To find out more and stay on track with Oppizi’s initiatives click here!

-The SYP Team

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