Better for the planet on the outside

SYP, an impact startup 

Background stories are always fascinating. Well, ours begins with the ambition to make a difference. 


Did you know that half of the fruits & veggies produced are going to waste? That if food waste were a country it would be the world's third largest emitter of CO2?

As founders, this waste of resources is shocking, frustrating and frankly sad, and we wanted to do something about it. We wanted to create a brand and products that are in line with our values as consumers. SYP was born. 

SYP - Shake Your Plants - creates instant functional drinks from lost fruits, veggies and superfoods. Our mission is to produce our products, restoring to the planet whatever resources we use in the process.


How we are doing it

Second life to Fruits and Veggies


Among the 50% of waste mentioned earlier, we know that actually 20% is lost at source and never leaves the farms because they are ugly or not matching aesthetics criterias. We use freeze drying to retain 100% of the nutrients and maximize the nutritional value of our powders. If you wish to learn more about this check our blog article about freeze drying. (p.s hope you got your winter clothes ready)

Want numbers? Let's take an example. When you SYP one Golden Juice sachet, you are saving half a mango and 6 strawberries from being wasted. This also means that you just consumed the vitamins and nutrients of those fruits. 



To create our SYP products, like every single production, resources are used and a carbon footprint is emitted, but, in our case as our brand grows, so does our own forest.

We #plantitforward with a promise in partnership with Tree Nation to plant a tree for SYP product. Through this program we are able to offset our product’s carbon footprint including shipping, therefore our sachets & website are proudly carbon neutral. 

Learn here how we grow our SYP forest.