Welcome to the SYPERS Community

Welcome to the SYPERS Community

You do you, we’ll join you!
Vibe it
 Personalized for you, Following your own path
Dig it
 Easy to understand, Tasty to consume
Plant it forward
 Positive Impact, Carbon Neutral

Here at SYP we believe that everyone has an impact to be made. The SYPERS community has no description because it is for everyone; because anyone can enjoy a SYP! As I welcome you to be part of this fun and enthusiastic community, allow me to introduce the two power-women leading SYP!

Justine - Co-Founder & CEO

My for nutrition, and conscious
living led me to found ENCAS Foods
in 2017, a Dubai based company
in "free from" and "better for you" foods.
ENCAS was acquired in February 2020 and became EAT BETTER Foods. I'm now a partner at EAT BETTER Foods, I also sit on the board of the French Business Council, and I'm part of the French Founders network. 



MC - Co-Founder & COO 

I'm the Managing Director of Fruitful Day,
a business that delivers delicious and thoughtfully
curated selections of fresh
fruit to workplaces and homes across the
UAE. I've been living in Dubai for 12 years
and have a background in finance.
Through the creation of Fruitful Day, I
leverage my business knowledge to help
Dubai’s workplaces and families become
healthier and happier. I'm a member of
the UAE Entrepreneurs’ Organization
chapter. Fruitful Day received a high
commendation for Start-Up Business of
the Year at Gulf Capital SME Awards (2017). 
They witnessed the tragic problem of food waste in the food industry and the insufficient availability of nutritious, plant-based instant drinks and decided to do something about it. Guess what they did? Yeah, they started SYP!

“Better for you on the inside and better for the planet on the outside” was easier said than done. 

How did they do it? “We embraced the SYP values” says both.

The SYP Values

If you share the same values don’t hesitate to join our community and be part of next gen nutrition as we strive forward to cater the best for you!

Be A SYPER today!

Benefits of being a SYPER

  • Exclusive Offers!
  • Taste our newest products even before we release them.
  • Share your ideas with us and be part of the innovation.
  • Be a SYP Ambassador

Hear what our newest SYPERS have to say

Sachi: Author, Undergrad and Badminton Player
"For me it’s all about the positivity at SYP. It’s a chance to engage, get healthier and contribute to Mother Earth in our own little ways!" 

Yves: HalfBakaed owner, Undergrad, dancer, and violist
"Starting my own business has always been my passion. This is an amazing opportunity to learn how SYP brings a positive impact to its community and educates gen z about health and nutrition!"

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