Freeze Drying

Freeze Drying

When you reach for one of our sachets, know you will be consuming freeze-dried fruit & veg.

The initial question that usually comes up is: what exactly is freeze-drying?
Simply put, freeze-drying is a water removal process that preserves perishable materials - in our case fruits & veg. The product is firstly flash-frozen at an ultra-low temperature (around -30°C), then placed in a vacuum. The low pressure in the vacuum along with the heat, sublimes it. Finally, everything is ground and blended into the powder that you find inside our sachets. 

Fun fact: NASA funded research for freeze-drying technology because it offered better nutrition to astronauts while in space.

Wait. But am I still getting the nutrients that I need from freeze-dried fruit?
Yes! Freeze-drying maintains close to the same nutrients and nearly the same structure as its original state. This is because when freeze-dried, food transitions from a fresh to a frozen state in a few seconds, locking in vitamins and nutrients and ensuring that they are preserved. Indeed, freeze-drying preserves 97% of its nutrients, which is a much higher percentage than  dehydrated fruit, for example, which only maintains 60% of its nutrients after dehydration. Moreover, the shelf life of freeze-dried produce ranges from 10-25 years, while dehydrated produce only lasts 1-4 years. The lower the moisture content, the longer the shelf life!

Yes, the unmatched shelf-life is amazing. But let’s also think about food waste for a minute. Those farm 'seconds' considered too unattractive to be sold in supermarkets, and are often thrown away before they even leave the farm. Freeze-drying is a valuable alternative to tossing ugly produce, that could save billions of dollars worth of wasted produce in different countries across the globe. 

Not only that, freeze-drying significantly reduces the weight of the fruit, making it easy and convenient for you to carry your daily nutrients in your pocket.

All you need to do is pour the sachet content into water, shake, and SYP!


-The SYP Team

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